Carbon Fast 2015

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2015 Lent Carbon Fast (from 18th February) 
Welcome to the Carbon Fast for the 40 Days of Lent - part of our joint witness in this crucial year for the climate.  Our special focus this year is on the link between water and energy use.

The South West Dioceses  are running a Carbon Fast for Lent 2015.  It is 40 days to consider what you can do to reduce your carbon footprint and reflect on key passages from the Bible.  How do you affect the planet through the pattern of your energy consumption?

This year is a vital year for the planet as hopefully there will be a ground breaking agreement on the Climate  in Paris in December,  The particular focus for the Fast is on the link between our use of water, which needs to be pumped, cleaned and stored; our energy use and the things we consume.  Did you know for example it takes 11,000 litres to make a pair of jeans and 140 litres of water to make a single cup of coffee?

For each day of Lent you can receive a daily email with an action to consider (except Sundays), a bible reading and specially written reflection. You can sign up for these here:    The daily action-reflection leaflet (containing the same information as the daily emails) is available here or to download here (download as pdf). Multiple hard copies are available from Area Deans.  

Further information and support is available from the Revd Arthur Champion, Diocesan Environmental Adviser, Tel: 01242 870402 or email: