Prayer vigil on 15th April 2019 at Javelin Park Incinerator

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There was pleasant sunshine as ten of us from different Christian denominations stood in a circle on the grass verge at the entrance gate. Two or three people had recently received training from Extinction Rebellion in what to do if arrested. Someone mentioned George Monbiot's article including this quote:  "As Erica Chenoweth’s historical research reveals, for a peaceful mass movement to succeed, a maximum of 3.5% of the population needs to mobilise".

After an initial chat our service (liturgy attached) lasted for about half an hour.  Someone prayed about the incinerator being like a "cathedral to consumerism" and we were reminded of other places like mega warehouses and shopping malls.   


When we were a few minutes into the prayers, a manager from the incinerator came out to investigate and Peter Emberson broke away for what turned out to be quite an informative and amicable discussion while the rest of us continued. 

Afterwards we had a simple but pleasant lunch in the nearby garden centre.  

Among the many topics discussed... the economic model for the incinerator over the next 25 years depends on having a steady flow of rubbish to burn but what happens if/when recycling becomes more successful? Would the County Council be mad enough to start mining old land-fill sites? 

(Later in the day Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris went up in flames although the shell of the famous building somehow survived.  Next morning there was an amazing sight… there in the semi-darkness of smouldering timbers was a golden altar Cross catching the light.)