COP26 Follow Up Summary

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Thursday 9th December

12.15-1.30pm. Online, zoom.


The session focussed on COP26, hearing from those on the zoom call about what had been happening around COP26 in their localities, and with Dan Button sharing about his experience of being in Glasgow during COP.   Conversation was broad, including both nuts and bolts practicalities and the more theological.  The latter had a particular focus on where we locate our hope, and how the climate crisis is a spiritual and ethical problem meaning the wisdom from the churches is very much needed as we seek solutions.

  We have a few things to share around the network by way of follow up:


Out of our conversation, three topics emerged that we’d like to unpick in greater depth.  We are looking to get these into the diary for the first half of 2022 and will plan to circulate dates as soon as we can:

  • Heating, insulation and homes
  • Local community partnerships, Transition initiatives (with Greening Tetbury)
  • A theological session, perhaps with the focus on vision for what a better world could look like.