Christian responses to the crisis of single use plastics

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On Tuesday 18th September 2018 at lunchtime in the Diocesan Offices at Gloucester, the Dr Martin Hodson tackled the huge and complex problem of single use plastics. About 20 people attended including several newcomers to the area and a lady who was visiting from Melbourne, Australia. 

Martin had carefully researched the problem and his presentation used a series of high quality slides. The following topics were covered:

  • Blue Planet 2
  • Statistics on the scale of the problem
  • Nature of the problem: long-lasting, entanglement, eating plastics, micro-plastics and climate change.
  • The waste hierarchy and other possible solutions
  • Christian responses, including the CofE's plastic free Lent and World Clean Up Day on 15th September
  • The threat of single use plastics relative to other environmental problems as depicted by Rockströmet al (2009) Stockholm Resilience Centre
  • A book recommendation "How to give up plastic" by Will McCallum

The first slide is available to download; but for copyright reasons the full set can only be obtained as a pdf by emailing the speaker ( or through the Revd Arthur Champion (contact details on the home page of this website).

Martin's talk lasted for about 45 minutes and was followed by a lively 15-minutes of Q&A. Such was the interest and concern of those present that GCEJN's next meeting will also be devoted to tackling the same issue; details to follow in due course!