Taken by Storm

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The Revd Noel Sharp, Methodist Minister and Regional Coordinator for Christian Aid gave an interesting illustrated talk on the growing impact of Climate Change amongst already impoverished communities all around the world.

About a dozen people attended the meeting on Monday 23rd March 2015 at St Alban's Church in Stroud. This was a temporary change of day from Thursday to Monday and shift of venue from Gloucester to Stroud.

The Christian Aid report... "demonstrates how climate change is already having a devastating effect on poor communities around the world, destroying development efforts and forcing them to drastically adapt their way of life. Seven case studies – from the Philippines, Kenya, Brazil, Bolivia, Malawi, Bangladesh, and El Salvador – provide first-hand accounts from the front line. It explores the innovative ways in which local organisations that partner with Christian Aid are responding to communities’ needs. But their message is clear: short-term adaptation is not enough. Structural change must come from binding commitments at a global level, and must happen now.” 

Noel's slide deck and talk can be downloaded by clicking on the highlighted words. His presentation generated a very productive Q&A session.