Local pilgrimage and stall at On Your Doorstep

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GCEJN 9th July 2015: minutes


Present: Cate Williams (Chair/Sec), Dan Papworth, Noel Sharp, Helen Oldham, Sue and Jerry Barr

Apologies: Iona Birchell, Arthur Champion, Doina Cornell, Martin Davis, Anne Davies, Andy Hodson, Julia Hook, Daphne Thomlinson, Emily Vaughan, Maria Wells

1. Stall at ‘On your Doorstep’


1. Advertise climate change pilgrimage in a creative manner

2. Publicise the group

3. Provide ideas and resources about local engagement available.

Sue and Jerry available to be on the stall in conversation with people.

Helen taking the lead on ‘something creative’ linked to the climate change pilgrimage. Possibly a prayer tree, possibly leaf shaped bunting. Something for people to write on. Something to take into the pilgrimage.

All members including those not at the meeting to get together useful leaflets and/or posters ideally to include:

* Arocha

* Transition towns

* Environmental management of churchyards

* Ecocongregations

* Christian ecology link

* Green Doors

* Anything else I’ve missed that might be of interest!

Everyone is invited to to consider the aims of the group (below) and feedback to Arthur asap so that we can communicate with clarity at the event.

GCEJN Vision and Aims for 2015: http://www.greengloucestershire.org.uk/

2. Local Pilgrimage:

Discussion paper is attached separately.

* Enthusiasm for widening out and so that it is not just churches that we are working with. Some gentle, creative and inclusive spirituality, not overly churchy.

* Feeling that the location should be something natural (highest point in Gloucestershire, oldest tree etc) rather than a building or construction.

* Possibly longer walk for those who want to with joining point for families towards the end? But if working with GWT and wanting them to advertise it needs to be their land – Robinswood Hill a good possibility but no longer walks that end at Robinswood.

* Date – either 14th or 21st Nov, holding both dates for the moment. Saturday better for public transport access.

* Possible involvement of Helen’s son

* Noel has a contacts list that might be useful, from the last climate change lobby.

* Something creative, all bring a stone from local area, make a cairn, some kind of blessing, take a different one home. Or similar with sticks. Or planting sticks with coloured ribbon. Or . . . .



Noel to check with climate change coalition about whether there is anything particular that we are being asked to produce for Paris.

Cate to ask Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust whether they are interested in being a partner on this event.

Cate to check GWT diary

Cate to check Cathedral diary to see if there is an opportunity to display something between the event and Paris.

Cate to check back with CofE pilgrimage co-ordinator for more details

Helen pondering creative ideas

Both events will need more planning at our next date – 3rd September. Can we plan for a longer meeting so we have time for this as well as the presentation?