Climate Scepticism

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Climate Scepticism

The guest speaker for our meeting on 5th November 2015 was Dr Martin J Hodson who tackled "Climate Scepticism”.  Martin is a plant scientist and environmental biologist who has several roles including Operations Manager for the John Ray Initiative based in Gloucester.

1. (12.15pm) Welcome, introductions and opening prayer. There were about 28 people squeezed into the Jerusalem Room!

2. Martin gave a presentation on "Climate Scepticism” followed by a lively and extended Q&A session. Martin and his wife Margot, an Anglican priest, have jointly written several books.  Two of their newly published books were available for purchase: “The Ethics of Climate Scepticism” (2015) and “A Christian Guide to Environmental Issues” (2015)


4. (1.00pm) Updating one another

·       “On your doorstep” (Revd Cate Williams) – review of event held on 30th September in Gloucester

·       “Pilgrimage to Paris” (Revd Cate Williams) – with news that the walkers will include locals Revd Kevin Durrant and his wife (Matson Baptist Church) and Revd Val Bexon (Birdlip, Brimpsfield, The Dunsibournes, Edgeworth, Miserden, Syde and Winstone)

·       planning for our local pilgrimage on 21st November from the cathedral to the Wildlife Trust HQ at Robbinswood Hill.

·       GCEJN website

·       Relationship with other local groups

·       AOB