Planning for commuters and business travel

This was the GCEJN relaunch meeting and was held on Friday, 7th March 2014 between 12.00-1.30pm at Zurich Insurance Plc, The Grange, Bishops Cleeve, GL52 8XX

1. Welcome and introductions – Martin Davis (CEL), Fiona Jones (CNC), Jerry and Sue Barr (Methodist network), Arthur Champion (host)

2. GCEJN purpose and vision – mutual encouragement for activists; some of whom can feel quite isolated

3. Relationship with other local groups – news of events can be posted on GCEJN Facebook (FB) page

4. Promoting awareness - FB has limitations… time for our own website?

5. LUNCH – sandwiches as we chatted

6. Carbon Fast 2014 – Arthur handed out copies of the booklet produced by six CofE diocese in the South West 

7. Case study of travel plan and business travel - Arthur Champion described the travel plans implemented at Cheltenham, Fareham, London and Swindon leading to the Association of Commuter Transport Award.  Zurich's contribution of a Transport Energy Best Practice case study was provided as a handout.   The overall framework of Corporate Responsibility now sets the context for Zurich's UK environmental work including annual reports

8. Review of past meetings – list of sessions organised by Simon Topping (April 2011 – May 13). Positive comments about Simon’s final meeting on 9/5/13 at Commercial Group.

9. Possible future meetings: who, when, where, what, why: lots of ideas of which the most likely for next lunchtime would be about campaigning via the intenet possibly at the CofE’s local HQ. There’s also the possibility of an evening meeting organised by St Barnabas church in partnership with A Rocha

10. AOB – Gloucester Diocese has renegotiated a green energy deal with Ecotricity for home owners and PCC’s 

11. Review of today’s meeting – next time have an opening prayer

12. Closing prayer – silence and the Grace


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