Conservation in farming

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Red Tractor Growers Ltd near Pershore in Worcershire grow high quality miniature vegetables mainly for supermarkets.  As committed Christians they work with the natural environment to ensure the long-term sustainability of their farming business.  As early as 2001 the Red Tractor Growers had compiled a presentation of eco-friendly practices (slide deck attached). This presentation is still valid despite many subsequent changes and if anything the rate of change in farming practices is currently accelerating!  

The presentation was compiled by Mr Clive Porter who in 1970 went into partnership with his brother-in-law, George Revill. The firm GW Revill & Son was formed when Clive brought his family to live in Defford.  Twenty years later, a seperate company, Red Tractor Growers, was formed to handle the marketing, packing and distribution of GW Revill & Son's own produce on their 1,000 acre farm as well as produce from three or four neighbouring farms.  Both companies share the same land and are closely associated.   All the growing side, the actual production, including all conservation work of course, is done by GW Reviil & Son. 

The picture shows a clergy visit to the farm on 27th November 2019. Michael Porter and John Sansome are standing between the Revd Joe Knight and the Revd Cate Williams. This picture was taken by the Revd Arthur Champion.