Examples of activism

Climate change is already having a devastating impact on some of the poorest communities. That’s why Christian Aid works for a world where energy comes from clean, safe and renewable sources, and is available to everyone. In 2016 we launched The Big Shift, our campaign to get private finance – money invested by the biggest banks – out of fossil fuels and into clean energy. Together, we targeted the four biggest high street banks in the UK – Lloyds, RBS, Barclays and HSBC. Because of your actions as part of the campaign we’ve seen all four banks take some steps forward. 

There’s been some great progress, including Lloyds and RBS pulling out of coal altogether and HSBC committing to invest $100billion in green energy by 2025. 

All of this is a good start, but the big banks are not making the Big Shift as fully or as quickly as the world’s most vulnerable communities need. Now, we’re refocusing our efforts and attention on HSBC – one of the biggest and most influential banks in the world. 

HSBC claims to be a climate leader. But it is still willing to fund coal – the dirtiest fossil fuel – in Vietnam, Bangladesh and Indonesia: three countries incredibly vulnerable to the effects of a changing climate. 

Tell them it’s time to stop funding coal for good. 

Our progress in the campaign so far means that we know reaching them at the local branch level is what gets our message noticed. Now we’re asking for your help to deliver this important message. 

We want to flood HSBC es across the UK with messages of support for the Big Shift. In Lent 2019 we are aiming to visit as many branches as possible to hand-deliver messages to HSBC - to get private finance out of fossil fuels. Our aim to visit every branch means that whatever you do, you’ll be part of a country-wide movement to get the Big Shift noticed. 

We want every branch to hear from us locally. That might mean simply hand-delivering a card or letter which calls on HSBC to make the Big Shift out of fossil fuels and into renewable energy, or do something that gets noticed by passers-by, the local press, other customers in branch, or – ideally – all three! 

We believe that we are called to put our faith into action by loving our neighbours and caring for the earth, our common home. What can you do this Lent to support your global neighbours? For more information about how you can get involved, check out Christian Aid’s website here or contact campaigns@christian-aid.org

Climate demo on 17th June 2015 in London
On June 17th over 300 MPs met with their constituents at the Houses of Parliament in a climate change lobby organised by the Climate Coalition.

Eco-pilgrimage from Gloucester Cathedral to Robinswood
In solidarity with the four members of GCEJN who would be going to COP21 in Paris, a local pilgrimage was held on 21st November 2015.

Even small actions done prayerfully...
A day in the life of the Diocesan Environmental Adviser...

Examples of activism

Javelin Park incinerator: update on the contract
An investigation has been launched after a council blunder revealed details of a £500m contract for a controversial incinerator project.

Javelin Park: a clean, green alternative
"CommunityR4C" is a community-led initiative to provide economic, social and environmental benefits for Gloucestershire by treating our waste as a valuable resource rather than burning or burying it. By contrast, in 2012 Gloucestershire County Council signed a 25 year contract with Urbaser Balfour Beatty for a £500 incinerator to be sited at Javelin Park near junction 12 of the M5 motorway.

Pilgrimage to Paris
In November 2015, the Church of England, Christian Aid, CAFOD and Tearfund came together to organise a Pilgrimage2Paris ahead of COP21 – the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris.