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Chestergate Allotments at Bisley
20th May 2021
14:00- 15:30
For our third meeting of 2021, I’m pleased to announce a rare opportunity to get away from our computers and do some outdoor learning!

Thanks to Sue Bradley, we are planning to visit the Chestergate Allotments at Bisley on Thursday 20th May from 2.00pm to about 3.30pm.

The Revd Cate and I first met Sue about 18 months ago at a seminar organised by the NFU. Sue is a keen gardener and writer as well as having many other interests. She is going to be co-hosting with her friend Lesley Greene.
The visit will cover a wide range of topics, such as:
· how to go about planting trees
· having a diversity of allotments
· managing allotments eg. Charity Trustees, Parish Council taking the rent
· caring for a community orchard eg. apples, plums, pears…
· establishing wildlife-friendly hedges with blackberries etc
· encouraging wildflower meadows
· setting up and managing a community composting scheme
· option of visiting Bisley parish church which has an interesting churchyard from a wildlife point of view.

Please click on these links for further information:

To get there from the north follow the Bisley Road to a “Y” shaped divide (see aerial view attached). Ignore the road marked “through traffic” and turn right at the divide toward the “village centre”. About 400 metres after the “Y” junction, look out for a gate into a field (please see attached aerial view of the roads and a Streetview of the turning into the allotment).

There’s parking for several cars, motorbikes and bicycles some 20 metres inside the gate on the edge of the allotments. The nearest postcode for Chestergate Allotments at Bisley is “GL6 7BQ”. If you need guidance on the day, please phone me on 07955-475303.

If anyone would like to look into public transport options that would be helpful. If so, please post directions on the GCEJN Facebook page.

Sue would prefer to have your questions in advance using this email address

Finally, please let Sue know before 19th May if you are intending to come to the meeting. There's enough parking at the allotments for about five cars, maybe more, but she may need to sort out some additional parking in the village which is just a couple of hundred yards away.

Easter blessings

PS - Sue and Lesley write: "...the old churchyard and the slope that leads from it to the village wells have now been adopted as a wildlife corridor. We’ll take you for a walk that way to show you. As an extra bonus, it will be a week after Ascension Day, when children decorate the wells with flowers to give thanks for Bisley’s clean water. Hopefully there’s a feature all about it in the May edition of Cotswold Life! It’s been going on since 1863!"


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