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International peace making and caring for creation
27th October 2020
Greetings! The next GCEJN meeting via Zoom is planned for Tuesday 27th October at 12.15pm for an hour.  In the absence of any offers (!) I would like to speak about “Synergies between international peace making and caring for creation.”  As usual there will be time for discussion.  27th October is around the annual anniversary of the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis.  I shall be making the case for environmental activists and anti-military activists to learn from one another and how we can make a distinctively Christian contribution. Please make a diary note and look out for an email invitation on the day at 12.10pm with a Zoom link to click on that will take you straight into the meeting as a guest (so you don’t need to download anything).  It usually works well if everyone except the person speaking keeps their microphones on mute.  Looking forward!


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