"Apocalypse and the future of Creation"

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On Thursday 22nd March 2018 at lunchtime in Elkstone village hall, the Revd Dr Daniel Button gave a fascinating talk entitled: "Apocalypse and the future of Creation: or if the End is coming should I still plant these trees?"  

It was a wintery day and several attempts were made before we gained enrty into the hall via a digital key lock.  Tea and coffee was served to about a dozen people some as far away as Thornbury. The Revd Kingsley Jones travelled by public bus from Gloucester but his return trip was spolit by the bus not turning up at Elkstone.  Daniel's talk lasted about 45 minutes and there was 5-minutes at the end for Q&A.  

Daniel's powerpoint slides (attached) have been slightly modified for copyright reasons and further details are available in another document (attached)

Daniel can be contacted here: director@gtstheology.org or 07580 571274