• Our Vision

    To encourage reflection and action on caring for creation (especially in relation to a just and fair world) among Gloucestershire Christians;
    To support and encourage local Christians who are concerned about the environment;
    To provide an information exchange and to facilitate co-ordination of initiatives.  


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    Synergies between international peace making and caring for creation
    The Revd Arthur Champion made a case for environmental activists and anti-military activists to learn from one another and to find new ways of making a distinctively Christian contribution. Read More

    Reflections on Wendell Berry by the Revd Joe Knight
    The Revd Joe Knight shares his thoughts on “Wendell Berry: Poetry, Creation and the Renewal of Rural Life” Read More

    Commemorating 75 years since Hiroshima and Nagasaki (6th August)
    The possession and use of nuclear weapons, whether deliberately or accidentally, presents an immediate and devastating risk to God's creation; join us if you can... Read More

    Discussion about Laudato Si’ at 5
    Discussion on 18th June 2020 via Skype Read More

    Laudato Si’ at 5 
    Martin Davis, Convener, Cheltenham Green Christians on 20th May 2020 via Zoom Read More


  • Inspiring quotations

    “We need an imaginative commitment to new ways of approaching the subject of climate change that does not accept a deterministic or selfish nationalistic policy. We cannot simply look at ourselves and say, ‘we must do better’, and kick the ladder away from the vast majority of humankind that is struggling to find the prosperity that we enjoy so richly. This is not a standalone issue. It cuts across all we do.”
    Archbishop Justin Welby (2015)


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    Objectives for 2020

    We shall encourage as many as possible of the 380 parish churches to register with A Rocha and work towards the EcoChurch Award with a view to becoming a CofE EcoDiocese by Christmas 2020


    Revd Arthur Champion, The Department of Mission and Ministry, Diocese of Gloucester, 4 College Green, Gloucester, GL1 2LR  Tel: 01242 870402