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    The purposes of the network are to encourage reflection and action on caring for creation (especially in relation to a just and fair world) among Gloucestershire Christians; to support and encourage local Christians who are concerned about the environment; to provide an information exchange and to facilitate co-ordination of initiatives.  The network meets about three months at luchtime often in Gloucester city centre and in between meetings we often exchange phone calls, e-mails (via this website and a Facebook Group) as well as by post. Everyone is welcome to join our meetings and keep in touch to whatever extent they are able... 


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  • Latest Articles

    Theological reading
    Reading list complied by the Revd Cate Williams with additional material from the Revd Arthur Champion

    Gardening for mental health
    The Green Health Awards and how to use your parish church's outdoor spaces for mental health and wellbeing in the community.

    Gloucestershire Environmental Trust
    Gloucestershire Environmental Trust started in 1977 using income from gradually increasing landfill tax but the construction of the Javelin Park Incinerator will take over 90% of the county's municipal waste which means the Trust has recently closed down.

    Prayer vigil on 15th April 2019 at Javelin Park Incinerator
    The £602,203,000 plant is due to start operating in July and is intended to run for 25 years. Our prayer vigil was timed to coincide with Climate Extinction's protests in Central London and elsewhere.

    "The five marks of mission" by Rt Revd Robert Springett
    The Rt Revd Robert Springett, the Bishop of Tewkesbury, gave an insightful talk culmination in this question: “How can the culture be changed so that caring for creation is just something we do around here?”


  • Inspiring quotations

    “We humans and the stunning multitude of other living creatures on this earth are completely dependent on each other. Our beautiful green and blue planet is our shared and only home. We have a choice. We can destroy and degrade our natural capital for short-term gain, and leave an impoverished inheritance for future generations. Or we can preserve and enhance the world - for ourselves, for future generations and for all the other creatures who share the globe with us.”
    UK Government “A Green Future: Our 25 Year Plan to Improve the Environment”


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    Objectives for 2019

    We shall encourage as many as possible of the 380 parish churches to register with A Rocha and work towards the EcoChurch Award with a view to becoming a CofE EcoDiocese by Christmas 2020


    Revd Arthur Champion, The Department of Mission and Ministry, Diocese of Gloucester, 4 College Green, Gloucester, GL1 2LR  Tel: 01242 870402